Local Aviary Listings

The Royal Alberta Cage Bird Club offers an extend membership which allows for the member to post the details of their aviary on the website for the year in which they've paid their current membership. 

Peachfaced and other Lovebirds

English and American Budgies

Heidi, Daniel & William Pratt


[email protected]



Breeder of quality Lady Gouldian Finches

Lise Haney

[email protected]

Gouldian Finch, Gold Breasted Waxbill, Fire Finch, Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu, Mahogany and Gloster Canaries

Ed Moston

[email protected]


Bird Borarding and Holiday Avian Care; Wing, Nail and Beak Trimming (mobile services)

38 years experience - excellent references

Sandi Cameron

[email protected]



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