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Next Meeting: June 2019
Date: Thursday, June 20th, 6-8:30pm
Location: Southwood Library, 924 Southland Dr. S.W.


Our mission and passion at the Royal Alberta Caged Bird Club is to advance the cause and quality of aviculture in the province of Alberta and beyond.  This is accomplished primarily through education and creating a networked community of local breeders, owners, and enthusiasts alike.  Throughout the year we also hold various meetings, expositions, sales, and shows, allowing members and the public to learn and share their love of the avian world. We also network with other organizations, clubs, humane societies, and veterinarians to further our cause. Ultimately, our goal is to raise the quality of life for all companion birds, as well as the standards for breeding and showing them.



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Upcoming Events

Club Meetings

Third Thursday of Every Month - 6:00pm

Southwood Library

924 Southland Dr S.W., Calgary AB

All are welcome.


And you can meet them at Calgary's 5th annual Feather Fest!  

Bring the whole family Saturday Aug 25th  for a day full of fun and education. Breeders from all over the province will be bringing their avian ambassadors with them to show off both the exotic and mundane. For bird owners there will be suppliers selling their wares for fantastic prices.

All those attending will also be invited to judge who is "Top Bird" in the ever popular one on one bird show.  Peoples Choice ribbons and certificates will be awarded for the following classes:


Ribbons will be awarded for 1st choice along with a certificate in each class. Certificates will be given for 2nd and 3rd choices per class.

Certificates are great for hanging in your bird room!!!

We need entries to make this show a success so please bring your birds along!

If you need to rent show cages please let me know ahead of time so we can have them available.

We hope to see you there, it's the only event in town to GUARANTEE a 'fowl' time for all



PET EXPO is April 21st and 22nd this year.  The club will have a booth.  Hope to see everyone there!!

For more information visit:


Pet Expo 2017

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